MARC35 - Quai Marcellis - Liège

New publication of the Kempart loft project in Israël :

New publication ! The Kempart loft in L4, House design 4, A&C publishing (p12-19)

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New publication of the Belevedere for Koblenz in the chinese book 'Landscape bridge'.

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The new place des Guillemins is now open to the public.

The Kempart loft project in the Russian publishing houses "Beautiful houses".

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Nouveaux clichés du Centre Funéraire de Welkenraedt.

The Welkenraedt Funeral Centre in the korean magazine C3 n°355.

The CDGAI project featured in March 2014 issue of the Home Review Magazine.

We take a little height to wish you an excellent 2014 !

Yesterday, the Lecture halls for Université de Liège won the first prize of the "Urban Intervention Awards Berlin 2013, in the category "Built" !

© Thomas Faes

First tests of the dynamic fountains of Place Des Guillemins. Programming the streams remains to refine. In the background, the drilling well for supplying these fountains and ponds is underway.
Every 30 water jet is individualy managed and can reach 2m50 high.

On 21 November 2013, the city of Liege announced the winners of the year's Prix de l’Urbanisme. Our research for the Amphithéâtres Opéra, which opened last September, received recognition in the "Accessibility" category.

Short virtual tour of the site of the Place des Guillemins. The opportunity to admire the installation of the concrete slabs and progress of ponds and dynamic fountains.

Congratulations to Marc Smelten and the work crew of CAP Parachève Line, who won the GYPROC Pro Team TROPHY 2013 under the category "Residential", thanks to their professionalism and their involvement in the Henry house project in Saive, realised in cooperation with Dethier Architecture.

The installation of the 24m long pond for the Place des Guillemins.

New publication for the Kempart loft in the n°86 of Villas.

Discover a new publication for the Belvedere for Koblenz project in INTERIORS Korea.