Receiving the 24m long pond for the Place des Guillemins. On this picture, it's turned-over to allow the installation of technical elements and the reinforcement polyester shell.
Transfer to the construction site on monday 09, for sure, it's gonna be impressive !

New publication of the Kempart loft project in the belgian magazine "Tu bâtis, je rénove", number 292.

Happy encounter with the 'Archi Urbain' team, a belgian TV show about architecture and urbanism.
They filmed two episodes about our office and some realisations in Liège.
To follow on your TV screens or on internet on the 28th and 29th of november ...

The Kempart loft project is published in BOB - International Magazine of Space Design, number 108.

Another new publications of Belvedere for Koblenz in the July issue of the Korean magazine WOOD PLANET.

The Belvedere for Koblenz was just published in the Korean magazine DETAILS, number 33 !

(c) Thomas Faes

The receiving of the first series of prefabricated slabs began. In addition to dimensional inspection, verification of the visual appearance of each slab (consistency, color, edge finishing, ...) is made.

(c) Thomas Faes

First real season for the plantations of the Funeral Centre of Welkenraedt and it starts to look good. One or two more years of patience so that the 3-acre park (including a landscaped cemetery), designed in collaboration with Erik Dhont, can realize its full potential.

In mid-june, within the framework of the partnership between Belgium and the Business of Design week, we have been really pleased to welcome, once more, a Hong-Kong delegation within our offices in Liege and present them our philosophy and projects.

The prototype of the concrete slabs, that will be installed on Place des Guillemins by year-end, is now approved.

(c) Dethier Architecture

The last step (the violet part on the plan) started last week on Guillemins worksite and it should be done for November 2013 !

We have presented our work at the Hong-Kong delegation at Grand Curtius Museum.

The two social housing projects of Libin are published in the nice book : Public Housing, Living in a rural area, translated in English and co-edited by the Société Wallonne du Logement and the architectural cell of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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