Our missions

Free of all prejudice, our procedures are characterized by a critical vision allowing us to provide innovative solutions appropriate to current requirements in fields as varied as the type of habitat in towns and in the country, adding value to our heritage, cultural infrastructures, development of public areas, urban planning, design of interiors, furniture or equipment, and so on.

Our values

The environment as a starting point

The work is aimed to analyzing contexts rather than the production of individual objects. Based on a process of careful consideration, the procedure makes links between the disciplines and the programs. The angles of approach, implemented for each type of project, enrich the global strategy.

From the outset, the Dethier Architecture’s projects encompass the idea of lasting development and take into account the durability of the constructions. This conduct can be perceived as much in the first houses coming under critical regionalism as in recent projects implementing the latest technologies specializing in causing minimal impact on the environment or in current studies for future projects.

This process of consideration integrates also all the external elements influencing the composition such as the context in the town or countryside, the economic and historical contexts …

Working to budget and deadline

Control of the budget and work schedules, at all phases of a project, is a priority for us. With this in mind, we make quotes at each stage of our work – sketches, pilot stage, planning permission stage, tender, operation.

From the beginning, all elements that make up the overall cost of a construction are clearly laid out – not only the work itself, including finishing, but also all costs such as taxes, fees, costs of additional studies, layouts, connections, administrative and handling costs.

Many projects – in almost every field of construction - carried out by Dethier Architecture consultancy over 20 years, have enabled us to create a comprehensive and detailed database, which is updated with every new tender. This data enables us to give precise quotes. The second way of ensuring budgets are met is to describe, fully and in detail, each project in the corresponding articles of the specifications. Along with general plans and details, this method prevents additional costs being added during the construction phase.

During the execution phase, we remain attentive to any opportunities for making savings. Several sites have been completed with a positive financial result; the cost of the work being less than the initial amount tendered.

Research and new openings

Always in tune with the times, Dethier Architecture constantly makes research to be in a position to meet the current and future challenges. That's why the consultancy is now studying new opportunities of, notably, the integration of local ecosystems and agriculture in the urban context.

In its vocation to improve its own approach of creating links between architecture and others areas of research, Dethier Architecture is always looking for cross disciplinary experiences and knowledge. To reinforce and extend its relations with partners all over the world, but also to promote the city of Liege and Belgium, the company is opening its communication by being present on social networks and specialized webzines, in addition to the regular various publications in international magazines and reference books.